Why Support BIPOC-Owned Businesses?

Feb 09 , 2021


Why Support BIPOC-Owned Businesses?

Where do we begin to address systemic racial injustice in America? We don't have the answer. We believe Black Lives Matter, but writing that or saying it out loud doesn't affect much change. We think one small potential step in the direction of helping, is to become aware and to celebrate and support BIPOC-owned businesses.  BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous and People of Color.
   So why do BIPOC-owned businesses deserve our help and attention? According to the Economic Policy Institute, white families have more than twelve times the median wealth than black families. And, much of the original wealth gained by white Americans' ancestors was made possible by the subjugation of Native Americans and taking their lands or was literally built upon the backs of black slaves in the American South. Systemic oppression, higher rates of incarceration in the draconian "war on drugs," plus higher rates of police violence have continued to assail communities of brown and black Americans. And economic institutions and government policies have historically prevented communities of color from accessing the same financial tools like mortgages and loans afforded to white Americans.
      By supporting BIPOC-owned businesses, we try to help close the racial wealth gap and you can shop BIPOC-owned brands here on the Earth Online Catalog. For the remainder of February, use discount code BIPOC for 10% off BIPOC-owned businesses. If you'd like to specifically support black-owned brands, seek out @alaffia @naturadelife @partakefoods @pipsnacks & @thehoneypotco What else? To stay informed or to learn more, consider following these accounts on Instagram: @blklivesmatter @shaunking @aoc @project_562 @theconsciouskid @ckyourprivilege

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