Who are GMO-Labeling Advocates?

Jan 15 , 2021


Who are GMO-Labeling Advocates?

      Nearly all the food available here at The Earth Online Catalog is Non-GMO verified. And while we prefer Non-GMO vittles, we also believe that consumers should at least have the right to know whether the foods they're putting into their guts contain genetically-modified ingredients. To put things in a more global perspective, our neighbors across the Atlantic in Europe see products labeled with genetically modified ingredients as is mandated by the EU law. In fact, there are GMO-food labeling requirements all over the world; in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Ecuador, Brazil, Turkey and Kenya, etc. you'll find some degree of required GMO food labeling. In our world's largest democracy, India, thanks to the efforts of environmental activists and Earth protectors like Vandana Shiva, genetically-modified ingredients are forbidden in their food. Regrettably, this rule isn't enforced and multinational companies still bring in GMO-laden processed foods across India's border.

     In 2012, California citizens gathered enough signatures for an initiative to give the state the chance to mandate the labeling of genetically modified food ingredients with Proposition 37. Mega-corporations donated millions of dollars to prevent the passage of Prop 37. For example, Monsanto donated over 7 Million dollars to defeat the measure. Pepsi added 2 Million dollars. General Mills, Kraft Foods, Nestle, ConAgra and others all contributed at least 1 Million dollars each to fight California citizens' right to know the origins of their food ingredients. We can assume that these companies believe that they would lose money from consumers being made aware of genetically modified ingredients in their food - like consumers might stop buying their products made from GMO-corn and GMO-soy. And since California makes up more than 10% of the US population, if California requires proper ingredient labeling, the rest of the country might follow or the corporations might have to adapt to the California rules for their food sold in the remainder of the US. Some of the corporations that fought against Prop 37 are in the chemical and agricultural industries. And some of these corporations even own companies that produce organic (and therefore non-GMO) foods.

     Meanwhile, amidst the different messages proliferating around California over Prop 37, there were a few companies with heightened resolve and integrity who donated money to support the passing of Prop 37. And this is who we're highlighting with our "GMO-Labeling Advocates" Earthling Value. These companies donated tens of thousands of dollars...paltry sums compared to the Millions coughed up by Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, Dow, etc. The companies that we're featuring for supporting CA's Prop 37 are Nature's Path, Lundberg, Clif Bar, Nutiva and Amy's. As in most political debates, everything ain't all black and white. For example, Annie's donated $50,000 to support Prop 37, but two years later, Annie's was acquired by General Mills who donated over 1 Million to defeat Prop 37 - more on the topic of organic food company acquisitions to come in a future blog post about Independent Companies. Unfortunately, Proposition 37 was narrowly defeated (51% to 48%) in part to the mega-corporations' misinformation campaign - (see more at link below). As consumers, armed with the knowledge of which companies have integrity vs. which companies prioritize profits over supporting our rights to know what's actually in our food, let's vote with our dollars to support these GMO-Labeling Advocates. Shop now.

Misinformation Campaign: https://www.organicconsumers.org/essays/unmasking-no-prop-37-lies-and-dirty-tricks https://www.organicconsumers.org/essays/no-prop-37-campaign-debunking-lies

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