Support Women-Owned Businesses

Mar 16 , 2021


Support Women-Owned Businesses

As part of our Earthling Values, we showcase Women-Owned businesses. And thru 3/31/21, you can use discount code WomenOwned for 10% off Women-Owned brands. Mothers literally give us life on Earth and we believe women should have equal access to financial opportunities. Historically, women have been underrepresented in terms of business ownership. Women still make less money on average than men in the United States, making about 80 cents to every dollar that men make. And, in general, women have more difficulty in accessing funding for their companies and are given fewer loans than men. By supporting Women-Owned companies, we help these businesses grow and enable communities to thrive. Successful female entrepreneurs can set a positive example for young girls, empowering them and creating valuable generational change. Shop Women-Owned Companies on The Earth Online Catalog. Some of our featured Women-Owned businesses include: Jovial, Aurora Natural Products, Bitsys Brainfood, The Honeypot Company, Goddess Garden, Green 2, Nature's Alchemy, Eco-Dent, Ancient Secrets, Ecos, Mamma Chia, Beekeeper's Naturals and Radius.

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