Introducing The Earth Online Catalog & Our Earthling Values

Dec 31 , 2020


Introducing The Earth Online Catalog & Our Earthling Values

The Earth Online Catalog is committed to offering natural goods that are organic, Non-GMO, non-toxic and sustainable. We are one of the first online grocery stores to enable shoppers to browse for groceries, personal care, health supplements and home goods by ethical, social-justice and eco-conscious criteria, what we call "Earthling Values." As Earthlings, we are global citizens with a responsibility to our home planet and her inhabitants. This means that we act (and shop) with positive intention and with awareness of the health of the air, water and soil as well as the well-being of other humans, plants, animals and organisms that coexist here on Earth with us.
    Our mission is to promote products that regenerate soil via organic and sometimes biodynamic farming practices, products that are made from plants and that are traded fairly across international borders. We strive to empower consumers with additional knowledge about manufacturers and brands so that shoppers can support companies that are run by women, people of color or are independently-run or family-owned as well as companies that use sustainable packaging or have committed to sustainable practices to achieve B Corporation certification or give back 1% back to the planet. Some of our "Earthling Values" with which we categorize our store's items include Plastic-Free, Independent Companies, Vegan, Organic, Five or Less Ingredients, BIPOC Businesses, Women-Owned Businesses, B Corporations, 1% for the Planet, Recycled Materials, Compostable Packaging and Lightweight Backpacking. In our catalog, you'll find products by brands you already know and trust like Bob's Red Mill, Aura Cacia, Nature's Path, Amy's, Lundberg Family Farms, Alter Eco, Traditional Medicinals and Equal Exchange.
    Our website is an online platform of the Earth Natural Foods, a small, family-owned health food store and cafe that has been serving the community of Norman, Oklahoma since 1969. As a small business, we've seen what happens when large corporate stores set up shop in our neighborhood. And in the online space, the mega-corporate takeover is evident. But you don't have to shop on Amazon! The Earth Online Catalog is a place to shop online and vote with your dollar by supporting businesses and products that reduce harm to our beloved Plant Earth.

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