Compostable Packaging

Feb 21 , 2021


Compostable Packaging

We’ve been composting our cafe’s food scraps for years, diverting about 400 lbs each week of organic waste from our city dump into our compost piles. That’s over 170 TONS of compost since 2002!

A select few companies, namely Alter Eco and Liv Bar, are now utilizing compostable packaging made with plant cellulose or wood pulp. These packages will break down with proper composting practices! Packaging made from compostable materials is much more sustainable than traditional plastic packaging produced by the petroleum industry. Plastic takes forever to degrade whether it's an a garbage dump or littered across our landscape or oceans. Hopefully, our selection of goods in Compostable Packaging will grow as more brands dump traditional petroleum-based plastic packaging for more sustainable options. In the meantime, shop Compostable Packaging here.

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